BPO's for sale!

Total marked worth is approximately 7b (with research time invested anyways)

Search my character name for the contracts,
I have missiles,
I have ships,
I have modules,
I have … things.

Eve mail me if theres something your particularly looking for!

I will be splitting contract up based on BPO type.

Some small stuff went fast,

Barges are still up for sale, all three Barges are at 9%me.

Thank you for your interest!

Side note guys,

Contract only for purchase. Both for your protection and mine.

I have had enough of Jita scammers attempting to get them 90% off.

Price on Barges has been adjusted to 5.6b for all three. (this is litterally at market value currently with a bonus 9% of ME thrown ontop of it).



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