this BPC is in low-sec station
and will be contracted seccretly.
Any one is interested, plz give me your price by reply



1 isk

60 000 Plex’s

maybe higher will be a more interesting price

thx for your biding,will be more higher?

At this moment hull is for sale for 600B. If I am correct to make one Vanquisher (cost of minerals ) is “roughly” 250bill +
60 000 pled = 300 bill, and maybe more depends how you use them.
I believe that is a fair offer but you the “seller” so your decision.
Maybe you can take it “like a free bump”

deal,i will contract you this night

Let me know when you will be ready to proceed.
As well can you “email me” where is the item located please ?
So I don’t buy “trap” :smiley:
Will be in game at 19:30 eve time.

no trap,you can just check the location of the contract.
and the BPO has already been put in a NPC station

Perfect, will be home around 19:30 EvE Time and will be accept the contract ASAP :smile:
Maybe contract up ?

I am online for another 2 hours, if not I will accept the contract tomorrow.

I am very sorry for your waiting,there are some personal reasons that I cannot sell this BPC out.
My apology again!!!

Hello Sir, sorry to hear that. What time I can catch you in eve game, so we can have a chat and maybe find the “way” how to do this transaction ? Maybe we can do something with price, if the “issues” is that.

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