SOLD! WTS 10/10 Vanquisher BPC

This is one of 5 from the Shadow of the Serpentis event rewards.
I am not sure if its only this one left in BPC form since 2016 but if it is then its one of a kind item in EVE

I am asking 400B or equivalent in PLEX

200b to start the bidding

Could you specify what you consider a reasonable offer?

With Havoc expansion it will cost you 150 bill and 150 mill Serpentis LP

That would be 300 bill if the Serpentis LP conversion is valued 1:1 but we all know its not.

Then take in the rarity of this BPC with material and time efficiency.

I was asking 200 bill BO in 2016, even now double that price would be giving it for free.

There are people here with absurd amounts of wealth and I aim to take some of that in return for some EVE unique history.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Just because people have absurd wealth doesn’t mean they want to piss it away for your bpc, which was worthless last month.

True Pedro, it was allmost worthless last 8 years!

550b offer. firm.

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Tnx for the offer

You have ingame mail

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Still available, contact me on EVE discord

Hello All,

How much is the actual price what you will accept ?

For 505 bill you can walk away with this Vanq BPC, Vehement BPC and some aparell.


Updated the OP and added B/O price!

600b offer


Hello, is still for sale ? And if yea how much is the offer right now? Thanks

It is still available, price is the same like last time and is in the OP

Mail me ingame or discord if you want to discuss.

Up you go you fancy BPC :smiley:


B/O updated and final in OP