WTS Vanquisher BPC, Jita 4-4

Looking to sell my Vanquisher BPC located in Jita 4-4. There is one currently up on contracts for 49b. I’d be willing to part ways with it for 40b. Please post of evemail me offers if interested.

30bil offered.

35 bil

Bump! Just looking for a little bit more. I’ll give it another day.

Ariishem are you still interested? I’ll be willing to contract it to you for 35b.

Bump. Willing to sell for 35b.

Bump to the top! Still available.

Bump to the top. Also it is on public contracts for 35b.

Yeah sadly it is lol, you are killing the market with that. I guess I’ll have to hold onto my last copy for a bit longer. I sold one less than a month ago for 40b.

It has sold. Please close this thread.

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