[CLOSED] WTB Vanquisher BPC

Please send me your quote here or via ingame mail.

It is the best to contract up in jita.


I’ve got a hull going cheap st 300 bil if you want it

Thanks for the offer! Would it be possible to lower a bit?

300 is already a good deal I sold my last one 2 weeks ago for 348 bil

I think you’ve miss understood what I was saying I’m selling the actual ship not the bpc the price for the built ship is 300 billion isk and it’s located in the Aunenen public keepstar

Ah, yes. I have sent you an ingame mail.

I am online now. Please feel free to start a convo in game. Thanks.

Still looking for offers.

Replied to your mail

I have one Vanquisher BPC for sale in High Sec.
Price 29B

Would you consider to lower the price a bit? Say 28B?

It would be highly appreacited if the bpc can be contracted in jita as well.

28B and one jump from Jita. Is that acceptable?

As I do not have character in jita at the moment and the corp’s courier can only accept the contract from jita… so… my apologies for the harassment.

OK. Jita and 28B

Many thanks! Please contract to me and I will accept as soon as I can.

Contract is up.

Accepted. Many thanks.

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