[CLOSED] WTB Vanquisher BPC


Please send me your quote here or via ingame mail.

It is the best to contract up in jita.


(USS Cockatron) #2

I’ve got a hull going cheap st 300 bil if you want it


Thanks for the offer! Would it be possible to lower a bit?

(USS Cockatron) #4

300 is already a good deal I sold my last one 2 weeks ago for 348 bil

(USS Cockatron) #6

I think you’ve miss understood what I was saying I’m selling the actual ship not the bpc the price for the built ship is 300 billion isk and it’s located in the Aunenen public keepstar


Ah, yes. I have sent you an ingame mail.


I am online now. Please feel free to start a convo in game. Thanks.


Still looking for offers.

(USS Cockatron) #10

Replied to your mail

(Sybellia) #11

I have one Vanquisher BPC for sale in High Sec.
Price 29B

(CEO of MITHRIL) #12

Would you consider to lower the price a bit? Say 28B?

It would be highly appreacited if the bpc can be contracted in jita as well.

(Sybellia) #13

28B and one jump from Jita. Is that acceptable?

(CEO of MITHRIL) #14

As I do not have character in jita at the moment and the corp’s courier can only accept the contract from jita… so… my apologies for the harassment.

(Sybellia) #15

OK. Jita and 28B

(CEO of MITHRIL) #16

Many thanks! Please contract to me and I will accept as soon as I can.

(Sybellia) #17

Contract is up.

(CEO of MITHRIL) #18

Accepted. Many thanks.

(system) #19

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