Good Afternoon Eve Forum,

I would like to sell eve vendetta bpc that was recently redistributed in AUFAY
Buyout is 130B
You are welcome to make offers but will not be accepting any lowballs

Edit: comment or feel free to mail in game with offers

Also if you need the capital mod bpcs that dropped in kill linked below for it I will throw them in as well.


sent you an evemail

106B offer from my side

Offer noted thank you!

Cash ready, cooker pre-heated, let jet-fuel melt the steel beams! :smiley:
Also up bump

Bump Good morning everyone help me get rid of this thing and get titan

Good morning! I was born ready if you only could agree with my offer :slight_smile:

Bump keep placing bids I will accept highest bid when my public contract is over if it has not been accepted at my desired price.

In game offer of 110 received, sorry my goon friend.

111B :stuck_out_tongue: such a marvelous number, don’t you think? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it is but I wouldn’t mind getting a little more :slight_smile:

118,35B just because 120B is too mainstream. :smiley:
I think it’s more than little bit :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’m cancelling my participation. Best of luck y’all

Still for sale last offer I believe to be standing is 105b so feel free to place bids from there.

I will offer 100 B

Top offer is 105 feel free to bid here or mail me in game.

bump still available and taking offers