Cheap vendetta bpc added Levi bpo

Welcome to my thread

Looking to sell my vendetta bpc quick at 105b

Added an me7 leviathan bpo 70b

Located in hisec npc station near amarr

Bump for the day

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To the top

Topped please

Don’t make me hypernet this thing

Had a few low offers, get this while the price is good

Still waiting


70B offer

Appreciate that, I’ve already had 3 in game offers at 90b

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Top floor please

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Up up

50 bil

Already turned down 3 in game offers at 90b, I appreciate the bump though

worth 50

Not on today’s market, maybe a year or two ago. Under that logic I’d like to buy a fit Erebus off you for 60b please

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currently pending sale if not accepted by the weekend it will go back up for sale , back up offers welcome