As per title!
Price is not quite determined yet as there is alot of interest in private.
Current offer is 500b / Fiend.

I am interested in both trades and direct sales.

BPC is located in Jita 4-4

Feel free to contact me in game or on discord Cable#0950
Happy bidding :slight_smile:

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First time spotting one for Sale since ages :congapartyparrot:

Free Bump.

little high for just the bpc.




You were saying? @Alexa_Snekman

Komodos are used with Haws?? :rofl:

I don’t think people buy those ships to hit subcaps successfully for that people use Vanquishers :ok_hand:

No they are being offloaded and are more common. The Molok and Vanquisher’s main traits were sub cap application with webs. Now that haws are gone they really have their niche roles diminished but hey awesome job getting some sucker with a credit card to spent an insane amount of plex on an overpriced bpc. The first bpc sold for 500. No way this bpc is worth that when they’ve sold for the upper 300’s.

It is worth whatever someone is willing to pay and clearly a bunch of folks are willing to pay. :pray:

It was never about how good those ships are more about how Rare they are and Molok is by far the most rare one pretty epic to see one for sale in Forum Again tbh :slight_smile:

Well too bad you’re not a supplier of them… Buyers decide what they wanna pay and that defines the value.


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Hypernet it. rng is with me

doood do it lol. People would put mad tickets on that tbh. Also best of luck Banana, just busting your ba&^s. Sell it to someone who will actually fly it xD

to dah tap!

400b offered. Isk ready

Considering the best offers curently are 500 / Fiend / 510b I will consider your msg a free bump :slight_smile:

up up & away!

Get to ze toppah!

bump of the day

Sold Please close thread!

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