WTS Komodo BPC

(Killah Bee) #1

Just got this fresh komodo BPC.


Bid whatever you like.

Have a nice day.

Will be contracted in a public keepstar.

(Vladimir Khurelem) #2


(Kris Sirober) #3


(Cloon McCloon) #4

350b :dragon:

(Killah Bee) #5

Got private offers up to 500b so far. Keep poking me.

(Kruull Death) #6

1 isk offer. way overpriced

(Creecher Virpio) #7

200b if the others don’t pan out.

(The Keepstar) #8

500,000,000,001 isk

(Killah Bee) #9

To the top this goes

(Killah Bee) #10

Still for sale.

(Killah Bee) #11

Bump. Ill leave this up until new years.

(Killah Bee) #12

Turns out people troll alot when it comes to these things who knew. Keep bidding and I ll accept whatever sounds good.

(macorov frensic) #13

100bill XD

(Opus's Slave) #14

250b hi Killah

(system) #15

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