WTS Komodo BPC

Hey guys looking to sell a nice Komodo BPC. Its a nice ship :slight_smile:. Since its a BPC no one has farted into the driver’s seat yet you can be the first to do so :smiley: .

Located in highsec btw



ill offer 250b isk :slight_smile:

260 B

to the top

Hello, what would your buy out target price, so people can know what to expect ? :slight_smile: thank you in advance.

Im looking for High 300 to low 400 mark. But lets see where this goes :slight_smile:

Cmon boys still unused

Yea get this man his ISK so he can buy my ■■■■!

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seems not many are eager to become a history kill mail :smiley: free bump

hei that BPC still around ?

are you still selling the bpc?

Sold for 420 Thanks guys

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