WTS: Komodo BPC

Starting bid: 160bil
Min increase: 5 bil
Buyout: 200bil
Sniper rule 10 minutes

Auction ends Saturday 20:00 eve time.
Item will be contracted to the winner in a neutral Keepstar in lowsec.

100 bil to get you started

105 b

120 catchmeoutside

125b -



160B but only if contracted on a NPC station in High Sec

168 (if moved to Jita/amarr), 165 if not, check mail.

I will match that bid and you can leave it where it is


175B in high sec (not Hub)


85b if all those bids will appear to be retracted

Auction still open for another 35 hours. Get bids in before 2000 ET tomorrow (20 May).

180b bid

you obviously cant read, i have already bid 180bill 2 days ago, i suggest out bidding me if u want it

indeed i just see that, my bad :slight_smile:

190b oofer

200b Buyout/ contract my