WTS: Komodo BPC

(Aharon Omaristos) #1

Starting bid: 160bil
Min increase: 5 bil
Buyout: 200bil
Sniper rule 10 minutes

Auction ends Saturday 20:00 eve time.
Item will be contracted to the winner in a neutral Keepstar in lowsec.

(Taraas Enko) #2

100 bil to get you started

(Creecher Virpio) #3

105 b

(Taraas Enko) #4

120 catchmeoutside

(Creecher Virpio) #5

125b -

(Taraas Enko) #6


(spacedemolisher) #7


(Larissa Klondeik) #8

160B but only if contracted on a NPC station in High Sec

(spacedemolisher) #9

168 (if moved to Jita/amarr), 165 if not, check mail.

(Taraas Enko) #10

I will match that bid and you can leave it where it is

(spacedemolisher) #11


(Larissa Klondeik) #12

175B in high sec (not Hub)

(spacedemolisher) #13


(Boombeczka) #14

85b if all those bids will appear to be retracted

(Aharon Omaristos) #15

Auction still open for another 35 hours. Get bids in before 2000 ET tomorrow (20 May).

(Mimirog) #16

180b bid

(spacedemolisher) #17

you obviously cant read, i have already bid 180bill 2 days ago, i suggest out bidding me if u want it

(Mimirog) #18

indeed i just see that, my bad :slight_smile:

(Skill Injector) #19

190b oofer

(Aaz Rdtsc) #20

200b Buyout/ contract my