Not everything is sold. Maybe ingame contracts.

A few sets are gone. Back to the Top !

Would be interested in the Cruiser BPO set. Drop me a contract if it’s still available.

Contract is up. Thanks.

Added Setprices for BS/BC/Structure BPOs und all BPCs.

Still available.

Checked prices in contracts, still seems fine.

Still available.

Still available.

A few bpo’s sold.
updated the post.

Still available…

A few BPOs sold. Post up2date.

Would you be open to 37.5b for all remaining bpos (assuming the original post is up to date)?


yes the Post is up2date but i have no hurry to sell the stuff and the single prices are really fair compared to contracts.

Thx for the bump :slight_smile:

In that case, I’ll take this pack:

Mobile Large Warp Disruptor I Blueprint - 300mio
Mobile Medium Warp Disruptor I Blueprint - 200mio
Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I Blueprint - 100mio
Mobile Micro Jump Unit Blueprint - 100mio
Oxygen Fuel Block Blueprint - 20mio
Small Standard Container Blueprint - 20mio
Packprice - 660mio

Contract to my main- Matt Isimazu.

Best of luck with selling the rest :slight_smile:

Post back up2date.

ill take all structure BPOs pls contract

Contract is up and startpost up2date again.
Thanks for business

sry ill take more =)

contract me:


and i would take the whole BPC container but only willing to pay 2b


5 contracts up, 4 for the copies and 500mio each contract and 1 for the BPOs.

Move them savely :smiley:

thx bud ! :slight_smile: