WTS BPOs Cheap

I have a bunch of BPOs Im looking to just get rid of and have ISK instead. Evemail me in-game or reply to this thread if you’re interested. List of BPOs available is on this google sheet

Prices are negotiable, I just want to get rid of them.

I would take brutix

Contract up

Cool, I will accept it tomorrow when I come back home.

Email sent for BPO’s below:
Concussion Bomb Blueprint 10 20
Electron Bomb Blueprint 10 20
Hurricane Blueprint 10 14
Scorch Bomb Blueprint 10 20
Scorpion Blueprint 10 20
Shrapnel Bomb Blueprint 10 20
Talos Blueprint 10 14
Tornado Blueprint 10 20
Void Bomb Blueprint 10 20

Contract up, thx for buying!

Bump! Trying to get these sold quick!

Where are these BPOs?

Jita 4-4. Can be delivered elsewhere if you absolutely need them somewhere else


I will take Raven BPO and MTU BPO.

Contract up

ingame offer for ships sent

I want these BPOs gone plz