I have a number of BPOs for sale listed below.

Archon 8/12
Chimera 9/14
Thanatos 9/12
Phoenix 8/12
Minokawa 8/14
Fenrir 8/14

Abaddon 10/20 SOLD
Apocalypse 10/20 SOLD
Megathron 10/20 SOLD
Tempest 10/18 SOLD
Typhoon 10/20 SOLD

Drake 10/20 SOLD
Ferox 10/20 SOLD
Harbinger 10/20 SOLD
Hurricane 10/20 SOLD
Myrmidon 10/20 SOLD
Tornado 10/12

Capital Armor Plates 10/20 SOLD
Capital Capacitor Battery 10/20
Capital Cargo Bay 10/20
Capital Cargo Bay 10/20
Capital Computer System 10/20
Capital Construction Parts 10/20
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay 10/20
Capital Drone Bay 10/20
Capital Drone Bay 10/18
Capital Jump Drive 10/20
Capital Jump Drive 10/20
Capital Power Generator 10/18
Capital Power Generator 10/20
Capital Propulsion Engine 10/20
Capital Sensor Cluster 10/20
Capital Shield Emitter 10/20
Capital Shield Emitter 10/18
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 10/20
Capital Siege Array 10/20
Capital Turret Hardpoint 10/20

Mail in game or make an offer.

bulk offers will be considered and prices are all based around contract prices. will always be cheaper than you can find available on contracts at the time of sale

bump to the top

Drake 10/20
Ferox 10/20
Harbinger 10/20
Hurricane 10/20
Myrmidon 10/20

Offering: 2bil

Thanks for the offer. I have sent you a mail in game

Lots sold yesterday thanks for all the offers. I’ll make sure they all are sold below current contract prices and will offer bulk buying discounts

Still selling

still lots to go. a bunch have sold so thanks to those that got in touch