WTB any and all T2 BPOs

(Jem Seeker) #1

Post what you’ve got and what you want for it
We’ll negotiate - I’ll pay well

(HOK Science3) #2

Make me an offer for wasp 2 bpo. if fair i will sell.

(Jem Seeker) #3

depends on the research level

Let’s say 50b

(HOK Science3) #4

10/20 research. Thats a fair price. Contract sent.

(Jem Seeker) #5

Confirmed - replied ingame
Pleasure doing business

(Sharrow Pandora) #6

Still have my missile BPOs:
Inferno Precision Heavy Missile - ME/TE 10/20
Nova Javelin Rocket - ME/TE 10/20

Will sell for decent price.

(Werecow) #7

25b for both missile bpo’s

(Aanduar Harshuma) #8

Hi there,

I have a Mackinaw BPO 10/20, what would you be interested in paying for it?

(Clambumper June) #9

Ladar ECM II BPO 10/20
Plagioclase Mining Crystal II BPO 10/20
Scordite Mining Crystal II BPO 10/20
Void M BPO 10/20
Void M BPO 10/20
Void M BPO 10/20
Void M BPO 10/20
Quake M BPO 9/18
Quake M BPO 9/0
Tremor M BPO 10/14
Tremor L BPO 9/14

Make me offers I can’t resist. :money_mouth_face:

(Cyborg TX-500 M-101) #10

Inferno Rage Heavy Assault Missile BPO.

Make an offer I can’t refuse.

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(Werecow) #11

Do you still have that mackinaw bpo for sale? if so… . what is your price?

(Laura Rampart) #12

Looking to sell Reactor Control Unit II BPO
ME 0 TE 20

Make me an offer

(Dove Hita) #13

Hail S BPO 10/20

(killerco) #14

I’ve got an Medium Plasma Smartbomb II Blueprint ME 9% TE 18%
What would you give for that?

(Vladriyne II) #15

adaptive invuln
Neutron blaster
quake m

(Leutnant Odin) #16

Adaptive Nano Plating II Blueprint 10/20
Shield Boost Amplifier II Blueprint 10/20

when you still playing you can offer me ingame isk for them if you are interested :slight_smile:

(Leutnant Odin) #17

only Adaptive Nano Plating II Blueprint 10/20 to sell :slight_smile:

(Muschieblitz) #18

Signal Amplifier 10/20
Dual 425mm AutoCannon to sell 10/20

(I Love Crabbing) #19

WTS (both ME10/TE20)
Energized Thermal Membrane II Blueprint
Gravimetric ECM II Blueprint

Make me an offer on either/both