WTS Complete T2 Drone BPO Set

Just looking for offers.



1.75 trillion

I’m guessing you are not selling single bpos. But if you do, I am offering 250bil for the warrior

You are correct.

Now this is how you do a flex post.

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In game offer of 2.2tril

If u are selling single bpo im interesed in at least 2 bpo,
whit respect shareq

2.5 trillion

Highest offer is 2.85

this is already sick

It is… but it is a free market.

On the other hand, 2.85t is still 237.5b per print not counting the whole hassle to get a complete collection. So the price feels okish, even a bargain given the price jump over the last few months.

it’s really okay if I want to sell such a collection, I would like to know what price I would get for it :slight_smile:

WTB your curse bpo(s) Dart.

All these T2 BPO sales make me think T3 drones are on the way :rofl:

Free bump for this crazy collection!

shush :shushing_face:

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When 1 item gets listed and sold for a high price and sells. Others get listed.

To the top! My Greed must be satisfied!


Very nice collection Dai - free bump and best wishes with your sale

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To the top! Highest offer is now 3.1 (Very great offer)

To the top! Feed my epeen!