WTS T2 bpo Drones

for sale are original unique T2 drone bpos (infinite runs). ME 10 PE 20.

Vespa II bpo
Hammerhead II bpo

Both drone bpos are located 2 jumps from Perimeter (3 jumps from Jita) in high sec and have a high sec connection to Jita. Drone bpos are out of production in 9h.

Please abstain from offers under 100b ISK per drone, thank you.

110 bil to start you off for the ham II then

Bid will be considered, Ham will sell.

ingame offer 100b Vespa

I’offer 240bil

Vespa II bpo
Hammerhead II bpo

130b for vespa II bpo

245bil for both.

250b both

260bi for both

Just saying, you know that you offered same like me on the vespa II?

Auction ends tomorrow around this time… please continue bidding.

265bi for both

135b for the vespa II

and up, last push

like your Jacket :slight_smile:

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270bil for both

tbh I’m not used in auctions, but should following offers not beat previous ones?

suggesting to half the offer its the same price I offered for the vespa?

I’d rather sell to the one buying both unless substantially more is offered for one.

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well, I will know it soon :slight_smile:

BPOs are in personal contract for Dart Lady @270b
(you have 24h to claim it)