WTS Literally every BPO ever and millions of BPCs

Hello friendly EVE players.

This may seem like a gross exaggeration, but trust me, it is not. Looking for a ship BPO? I have Ravens, Rokhs, Scorpions, Abaddons, Armageddons, Typhoons, Rorquals, etc. Want some fuel blocks? I have more than 20 of every ■■■■■■■ type. What about mining crystals? Several of each type. What about an Athanor? Got that too. I tried making a list, but I have RSI in both arms and one leg now. I’m giving up.

So what happened? When the citadel changes came around, we started bashing abandoned citadels. Like, we went crazy. As a result, we now have basically every BPO and thousands of BPCs of every single thing you’ve ever wanted, but we’re not an industrial group. So… we have a lot of BPOs we have no use for. Time to sell them. Below, you will find the start of a list of blueprints. I tried to make it exhaustive, but it’s too much. It has gotten so silly that even blueprints with listed amounts aren’t actually correct - we have more than listed. I gave up. If it’s not listed, we probably still have it. I will sell everything well below Jita prices, as evidenced by the asking prices below, so feel free to send me an offer for something that’s not on the list. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, I will beat the price.

With all that out of the way… here we go: (all located in Jita, of course)

Armor stuff
All membranes I 10/20 - 10M each
All armor hardeners I 10/20 - 15M each
100/200/400/800/1600mm plate I 10/20 - 15M each
Large rep I 10/20 - 15M
Medium rep I 10/20 - 20M
Small rep I 10/20 - 5M
Damage control I 10/20 - 10M

Shield stuff
SPR I 10/20 - 25M
LSE I 10/20 - 15M

Capacitor stuff
Large cap battery I 10/20 - 10M
Medium cap battery I 10/20 - 15M
Small cap battery I 10/20 - 10M
Large/med/small cap booster I 10/20 - 40/20/10M
Cap recharger I 10/20 - 8M
Cap booster 3200 10/20 - 30M
All other cap booster charges 10/20 - 5M each

Capital stuff
Rorqual 8/12 - 4b
Doomsday weapon mount 10/20 - 2.3b
Jump bridge array 10/20 - 2.8
Kinetic reaper doomsday 5/10 - 350M
Capital deflection shield emitter 10/18 - 25M
Capital fernite carbide … armor 10/18 and 10/20 - 25M
Capital nanomechanical microprocessor 10/20 - 25M
Capital electrolytic capacitor 9/18 and 10/0 - 20M
Capital electrolytic capacitor 10/20 - 25M
Capital ladar sensor 10/18 - 25M
Capital nuclear reactor 10/20 - 25M
Capital plasma thruster 10/20 - 25M

Fleet command
Armor command burst I 10/20 - 80M
Information command burst I 10/20 - 15M
Mining foreman burst I 10/20 - 25M
Shield command burst I 10/20 - 25M
Skirmish command burst I 10/20 - 50M
Mining link charges 10/20 - 50M each
All other charges charges 10/20 - 20M each

Whatever type, small/med/large 10/20 - 20/50/100 (or whatever is reasonable for that type)

Ammo and drones
Hobgoblin I 10/20 - 9M
Acolyte I 10/20 - 5M
Hornet I 10/20 - 5M
Berserker I 10/20 - 10M
Bouncer I 10/20 - 15M
Curator I 10/20 - 15M
Garde I 10/20 - 15M
Warden I 10/20 - 15M
Warrior I 10/0 - 3M
Wasp I 10/20 - 7.5M
Hammerhead I 10/20 - 7.5M each
Cyclops 0/0 - 250M
Several mining crystals 10/whatever - 8M each
Many missiles 10/whatever - 8M each
All large ammo 10/20 - 40M each
All XL ammo 10/20 - 40M each
All medium ammo 10/20 - 10M
All small ammo 10/20 - 3M
Combat scanner probe I 10/20 - 15M
Nanite repair paste 10/20 - 50M
Gaze survey probe 10/20 - 40M each
Discovery survey probe 10/20 - 15M each
Warp disrupt probe 10/20 - 30M

Ships (not exhaustive, and many doubles)
Oracle 10/0 - 700M
Hurricane 7/0 - 500M
Drake 9/16 - 750M
Arbitrator 10/20 - 175M
Augoror 10/20 - 120M each
Bellicose 10/20 - 140M
Blackbird 9 or 10/20 - 160M
Caracal 9 or 10/16 - 120M
Celestis 10/20 - 130M
Exequror 10/20 - 160M
Maller 10/20 - 150M
Moa 9 or 10/16 or 20 - 100M
Omen 10/0 - 80M
Osprey 10/20 - 140M
Rupture 10/20 - 200M
Scythe 10/20 - 190M
Stabber 10/20 - 150M
Thorax 10/20 - 100M
Vexor 5/0 - 100M
Vexor 10/20 - 170M
Armageddon 10/0 - 1.4b
Abaddon 9/16 - 1.8b
Dominix 10/18 - 2.3b
Maelstrom 9/14 - 1.6b
Typhoon 7/14 - 1.2b
Raven 9/16 - 2.2b
Scorpion 9/16 - 2b
Rokh 9/14 - 2b
Many destroyers - 50M each
Many frigates 10/20 - 30M each
Venture 10/0 x2 - 50M
Procurer 8/0 - 1.7b
4x Merlin 10/20 - 40M each
3x Punisher 10/20 - 35M each
3x Kestrel 10ish/20ish - 20M each
2x Tayra 10/20 - 50M each

Other things
Athanor 5/12 - 4.8b
All structure components 10/20 - 700M each
Structure components below 10/20 - 250M each
All rigs - 5/10/20 for small/med/large
All fuel blocks 10/20 (x many) - 15M
Ore Prospecting Array 4 9/0 - 1b
Mobile depot 9/0 - 15M
Industrial Core I 0/0 - 500M
Standup Stasis Web Burst 10/16 - 1b
Standup TP Burst 10/16 - 1b
Warp core stab I 10/20 - 15M
MAPC I 10/20 - 10M each
BCS I 10/20 - 8M
Cargo scanner I 10/20 - 10M
Expanded cargohold I 10/20 - 8M
Overdrive injector I 10/20 - 8M
425mm railgun I 10/0 - 35M
Prototype cloak 10/20 - 150M
Nanofiber I 10/20 - 10M
Reinforced bulkheads I 10/20 - 10M
Auto targeting 10/0 - 8M

I don’t even know how to price these… Most are copies of the 10/20 BPOs, but some are lower tier as well. I have both t1 and t2 versions of most things, as well as several non-BPO ones. Want a jump freighter? I have them all. How about some ancillary reps? Dozens. Leshak? Trig mods? A Sin? Augmented drones? Structure parts or services? Got them all. I will sell them to you for whatever the normal bpc price is - 50%, or - 75% if you buy them in bulk.

Some examples:
Null L 4/14
Absolution 4/14
Paladin 1/8
Hammerhead II 3/12
Standup Equite II 2/4
Tengu 3/2
‘Bailey’ 1600mm plate
‘Packrat’ MTU
Standup M-Set Composite Reactor Material Efficiency II 3/2


I’d be interested in any wasp II, or scourge fury light missile bpcs if you have them. Ideally I would like to do a bulk deal. Please eve mail, or convo me.

If you’ve got an mtu bpo I am looking for one

Will check which capital component bpo i missing

I’ll take one of each of theese

I’ll take one of theese aswell

Thanks for the contract!

1x LSE Bpo
1x Nanite repair paste Bpo
1x of each fuel block Bpo

Pretty please with cherry on top

I’m afraid I don’t have either of those. I do have loads of heavy and assault missiles t2 BPCs, but no lights. I do of course have the t1 BPOs and BPCs, if you want those.

I have several BPCs, but no BPO. Threw the BPCs up on contracts to you with the cap boosters and nanite paste.

Contract is up!

Mail sent with an offer

Interested in a deal for scourge fury heavy missle bpcs?

Contract is up for a fraction of the other contract prices. Feel free to make a counteroffer, though!

I would be interested in small and medium T2 Rig BPCs especially 10 run copies. Do you have any?

Would you take 3bill for the rorq bpo

Can I get the vexor 10/20 please

There are waaaaaaay too many to check them all, so I’ve done some spot checking. Most seem to be 2-runs, sadly. There are no clear references for prices in Jita for these, so I just went with what Lazy Blacksmith said the invention cost is -75%. Some contracts are up to you in Jita, just see if you want them.

Given that there are two 7/12s on contracts for 3.2-3.4b and one 8/14 for 5.5b, I’m gonna go ahead and say no. On that note, I’ve been getting a lot of nonsense offers. I know I pointed out that we have no use for these blueprints, but come on… We’re already offering massive discounts here.

Contract is up!

BPO SALE, GET WHAT YOU WANT :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:

Bump! I still have loads of blueprints.

Le bump.

Still well over 1000 researched BPOs to sell! (And 400 meh ones as well!)

Do you have a Nidhoggur BPO?