POS - Modules and tower future

i know there must be somewhere an answer to my question but i can’t find it in this new forum. I find evrything except a clear and simple answer.

I ve stopped playing for a few years. I plan to come back but as my account is mostly industrial i wanted to understand the problem of POS future.

I ve already understand it will be replace by citadel and so on, soi please i don t need answers to that.

but, what i cannot find is : what will become all the module and tower we may have?

I have maybe 30 modules and 4 towers. Will they be replace by something? Or do we have some fund replacement or something? Will it be completly a loss, just good tyo be reprocessed? if only you can reprocess it?

Clearly if i have to lose all my industrial stuff just for that, i will definitly abort any planned replay of this game.

They will be reimbursed one way or another, probably just a flat ISK compensation based on the market value when they do get removed.

I believe they talked about that specifically just last weekend at Fanfest during the structures presentation

i’ve not see this one thanks.

well, that mean there will be a deep market moves at this moment.
The problem is to know if there not happen at a high decrease.

perrsonnally, my asset around POS must be around 3 billions at least. Maybe more

I’m buying higher value assembly arrays and labs in bulk, shoot me an ingame mail, what you have and where, and I have a look this evening and make you an offer. Speculating on the reimbursement, I’m taking the risk, you get the ISK now :slight_smile:

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What happens to the faction pos modules that are still in bpc’s thou will they be reimbursed too?

Edit: Seem’s we get reimbursed for the bpc too, sweet!

Not yet known, but they will get reimbursed or converted at some point in time. The faction towers are still usable, so they will be removed and reimbursed last, likely not this year.

Don’t risk to much looks like the reimbursement will just be 100% refine to component materials

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