What happens to my towers

i own several faction and racial Large Control Towers which are currently not deployed … what happens to them when they are no longer able to be deployed ?? are they removed from my hangar and if so will i be re-imbursed for the cost of them ??

This is a very good question and one which has been asked a lot since CCP announced that POS will be retired.

Unfortunately we have never been given an answer yet. I suspect CCP don’t know what they are going to do yet.

So its wait and see, and poke the CSM to push for an answer.

ok , thanks … i have been searching old dev blogs and forum posts trying to find an answer but cant find anything

Nope, you won’t.

I would think that they will reimburse the cost of the materials used in it’s construction maybe not with isk but plex equivalent of the nearest value, leaving the player to either choose to sale for isk, use plex to buy items from the store, then it’s a players choice and keeps ccp from being accused of dumping isk in game “ruining the economy” and you know player will say that.

They could simply let us reprocess them for 100% materials and everyone would be reasonably happy

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CCP will wait three years until prices have collapsed and than reimburse them for market value.

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POS?! What’s that stands for? - CCP Games.


P.S. POS - pilot outta space…

Generally they seem to put up NPC buy orders for stuff that’s no longer usable.

CCP leaves 9 out of 10 projects unfinished, your pos in assets will be forgotten about till the server shuts down when the landlord finally boots the last remnants of CCP out of his class 11 office space and makes way for a new renter.

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