CCPlease, when will POS-related BPCs be replaced?

POS-related BPCs are close to worthless these days. Previously, they helped make Data sites worth hacking. But now that their value has tanked, Data sites are purely left alone. Please replace these BPCs with something worthwhile, and make Data sites great again. Thank you.

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Do we have actual confirmation that the POS related BPC’s will be converted into something else?
Or will they remain as collectors items?

The assumption is that when POS are finally pulled from the game CCP will reimburse the costs of the bpo’s / bpc’s / module’s.

They should do something but not after they replace all the mechanics, jump bridges should be next maybe we will get some info during Fanfest 2018 Keynote or before it for initial feedback.

Well… Couldn’t we get a little something?

For example, a gurista torp battery is fairly useless at this point and we know it will be phased out. However, what if say gurista capital missile launcher bpc could drop instead? I’m other words, faction up the structures?

My guess is… This is the plan. However, it is due to be implamented because CCP is still balancing things. How hard is it to balance 6 items. It’s probably easy. Yet to balance 20 is harder
So let CCP sort out and balance structures, then we may see a release of more structure faction mods

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