Faction POS BPCS

What will happen to all of these faction BPCs for POS’s.

I have loads of them.

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Build the poses and Hope of a replace program from ccp.

There isn’t any faction Citadel items so what kind of reimbursement would be offered…

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I also want to know

do you have some sansha bpc?

Keep them, be patient and wait. There will be an reimbursement. Maybe not this year but once transition to Upwell structures is complete.

i made the sansha small pos with the BPC i had just in case

Reimbursment is wishful thinking from people who live in denial. all pos related items, be it mods or bpcs of any kind areworth ■■■■ all anymore and there never ever will be a reimbursement . You had plentty of time to get rid of them and poses paid themselfs back 10000% over. If more then a year later after the phasing out was announced you start whining and bitching about your precious pos mods/bpcs while doing ■■■■ all about it and just milking them dry until the last minute… you sure as hell dont deserve any reimbursment. kthxbye

Try to be a sperglord a little less and understand that relic and data sites still probably give out faction pos/pos module bpcs?

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