Faction POS BPCS

(Nicole Moudaber) #1

What will happen to all of these faction BPCs for POS’s.

I have loads of them.

(Vale Koenig) #2

Build the poses and Hope of a replace program from ccp.

(Nicole Moudaber) #3

There isn’t any faction Citadel items so what kind of reimbursement would be offered…

(1232 wetet) #4

I also want to know

(1232 wetet) #5

do you have some sansha bpc?

(Tipa Riot) #6

Keep them, be patient and wait. There will be an reimbursement. Maybe not this year but once transition to Upwell structures is complete.

(Nicole Moudaber) #7

i made the sansha small pos with the BPC i had just in case

(TzakaPaka) #8

Reimbursment is wishful thinking from people who live in denial. all pos related items, be it mods or bpcs of any kind areworth ■■■■ all anymore and there never ever will be a reimbursement . You had plentty of time to get rid of them and poses paid themselfs back 10000% over. If more then a year later after the phasing out was announced you start whining and bitching about your precious pos mods/bpcs while doing ■■■■ all about it and just milking them dry until the last minute… you sure as hell dont deserve any reimbursment. kthxbye

(Krysenth) #9

Try to be a sperglord a little less and understand that relic and data sites still probably give out faction pos/pos module bpcs?

(system) #10

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