Are their any plans to remove POS in the near future?

I’m just about ready to get started on some more meaty BPO’s & POS have my attention.

It’s not exactly a short term project researching BPO’s for these though… So I was just wondering if I should be looking elsewhere?

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Depends on what “near” means.

In general, yes, POS will disappear once all of their capabilities are shifted to other structures.

Following the revamp of moon mining and reactions coming soon, the only thing left will be jump bridges I think.

CCP are removing some (or did they already?) shortly and the rest will follow.

Better off I think looking more towards the components for citadels, ECs, drilling platforms and their modules if you are interested in structure manufacturing.


Well a small control tower is going to take the best part of a year to fully research material efficiency & you’ll want some use out of it after that… so I guess anything inside 2 or maybe 3 years qualifies in this instance.

Then yeah, POS are being removed.

18 months - 2 years. Probably not much past that. Maybe less. We don’t know exactly, but within that time is a good bet (if we were allowed such a thing :slight_smile: )

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Nope they all seem to still be seeded… take a look in star-base structures in the markets BPO’s all look to still be there.

This devblog from May might help, but there is more recent info too:

In the market that would be Citadels, Engineering Complexes, Structure Equipment & Structure Modifications yes?

So if structures are what you are interested in, then they sit in these areas of the market:


BPO’s for the structure components can be purchased at 200 million ISK each from NPCs and they then go together to manufacture the citadels, engineering complexes and soon, drilling platforms.

The modules have their own BPOs obviously and they are cheaper.

The BPOs for the Citadels and ECs are significantly more expensive (6 Billion for an Astrahus BPO, 4 billion for a Raitaru BPO).


And that earlier link is a bit useful, thanks.

Cheapest BPO for the newer structures is currently 4 billion for a Raitaru BPO… that’s a bit of a sting compared to starting off with a small control tower for just 125 million & adding the arrays & batteries BPO’s piecemeal as time & money allow :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping the new moon mining drill platforms are a bit cheaper, there are new platforms for that coming out aren’t there? :worried:

Yeah, they aren’t cheap, but it’s still early in the life of citadels. Assuming EVE is still here in another 15 years, you’ll probably make your money back and then some a few times over.

However, the individual component BPOs are 200 million each. If you start there, then you can acquire BPCs for the citadels/ECs off contracts and make ISK until you can afford a citadel/ec BPO.

Dang that’s a thought… do these new structures use fuel blocks? cos I just finished fully researching a BPO for each of the fuel blocks :roll_eyes: probably wasted my time there :rofl:

Yes and no.

It’s possible to construct a citadel/EC and it will not consume any fuel at all.

However, if you want any service active, then yes they use fuel blocks and they can use any of the fuel block types.

They use more fuel than a POS, so it is also an option to manufacture fuel. Steve’s blueprint calculator should help in terms of profitability:

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POS pieces / parts are indeed still seeded but they will eventually be gone.

At this very late stage in their lifespan you will need to have a tower, for instance, fully researched to ME 10 to be competitive. By the time you’ve researched it to ME10, we’ll be one year closer to the final phase-out…and then you get to start a very long research time for, say, any of the Standup service modules.

What’s going to happen to the BPCs? I’ve built up a small collection of control tower and POS defense BPCs from casual exploration. Are there any precedents of blueprints being phased out, and if so, what happened? Do we get ISK compensation?

Man, you’re really into it. :slight_smile:

BPS’s become souvenirs of past adventures and glorious conquests.

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I half sorta think this is a comment about the title :wink: maybe I should have worded it a bit differently, “I know they’re going but when?” perhaps :slight_smile:

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Yup, still considering buying some just for that, not like the old POS ones are that expensive after all.

Soon enough that you probably can’t catch up quickly enough to make it profitable unless, perhaps, you buy a fully researched one.

and even then, fully researched BPO’s sell for considerably more than unresearched.
Unless you get lucky and find someone trying to dump their BP’s for cheep because of the upcoming changes, but one must wonder how much value there is left in them if others are dumping them for cheep.