What currently is a PoS useful for in 2022? Is r&d or industry better in a station vs. PoS structures?

I’m wondering if there’s any benefits to performing industry, research, or doing anything a PoS can do vs. a normal station.

POS are no longer functioning structures as far as industry is concerned. I think you can still online a tower with forcefield to use as a staging point for PVP purposes but that’s about it. Afaik what remains of POS are due to be removed from the game any time now.

Citadels (Astrahus, Raitaru, Athanor etc) have replaced POS for all intents and purposes.

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Makes sense, I did not think POSes would stand in 2022 anymore.

These days a POS tower is a temporary staging point for a pvp activity such as a wormhole eviction.
All industry activities are better off being done in a citadel

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The primary advantage of a POS is to shelter you while you have a red timer on you.

For example, it’s common in null and wh space for orcas and porps to be aligned to a POS while boosting. If you feel it’s time to get off grid … fast … you fleet warp to the POS and you’re save. An athenor, which provides better reprocessing, will not tether you or allow you to dock until the red timer from the mining foreman burst is over. A POS forcefield, on the other hand, will shelter you nevertheless. For the Porp to be able to instawarp out of alignment w/o slowly but certainly “aligning away” from the rocks, you usually web it with your barges, which results in the barges committing offfensive actions, and therefore becoming unable to tether, too. Just like the command ship, though, they can enter a forcefield nevertheless (unlike the command ship, the barges are usually not instawarp able as they move too slow when they anchor on the webbed command ship … but they’re cheap)

I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s being said that you can crab a whale in a POS to become able to compress ice or moon goo while being un-gank-able inside the force field.


interesting, could you also do it within range of the POSes guns for extra safety whilst compressing gas

A bit late but google brought me here. I don’t think POS are going anywhere. People have been saying any day now for years. I still use POS for my pi wormhole. It’s guns shoot automatically and I can rep the shields if needed. Honestly I prefer POS over the citadels for what I do. People usually don’t bother to check for em either.

  1. POS’s are not going anywhere. CCP has stated several times they don’t understand the POS code and it seems to interact with things it really shouldn’t. Every time they mess with it, bad things happen.

  2. I’m pretty sure that you can no longer do industry in POS modules.

I’ve been gone a minute, can someone confirm that?

POS no longer have any industrial purpose. The assembly arrays, labs, etc… were removed from the game years ago. The towers remain - not sure if this is because the code is so tangled they can’t remove them or because they haven’t got around to designing a FLEX structure to serve as a forward operating base for PVP.

Thanks for the confirmation. I was not sure if that was the case or not. I was gone when that happened.

Pretty sure there is no one left at CCP that understands the POS code. I dont think they will ever be removed. My guess is at some point they will remove all the BPO’s and BPC’s from the game and let them die a slow, quiet death