Is a POS still possible

(Calli Uta) #1

just a question i’d like to ask , is it actually still possible to put up a pos ?
i Know they will be replaced, but they are being replaced with the much more expensive , engineering complexes or the citadels … wich i can’t afford yet,
any thought s on that or even suggestions ?

(Blade Darth) #2

Possible to anchor but after the winter update it will be pretty much a doomed stick. I assume you intend to do some living or industry out of it, both activities require far more resources than just the cost of the structure itself.

Raitaru is cheap (not far from a large pos) and can serve as a simple place to dock until you can put up other structures

(MacGregor Orlenard) #3

Did I need some standings (or my corp) with NPC to put one i hi-sec?

(Tipa Riot) #4

Nope. But you won’t get any benefits from manufacturing, research, reprocessing, … in POS over NPC station (except tax) anymore. Only reaction work for a couple more month.

(Ptraci) #5

Nope I’m pretty sure they changed all that. You just need roles with your corp to be able to anchor one. AFAIK you don’t need faction standings anymore to anchor, just a free moon.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #6

@Tipa_Riot @Ptraci as reply I quoted say I asked about Raitaru as my personal docking space.

(Calli Uta) #7

so a citadel without modules is fuel free … right ?
an engineering complex too ?

i might have overlooked that when looking for info

(Ptraci) #8

Yes, citadels do not consume fuel. It’s the service modules that consume fuel. Citadels offer some basic functions for “free” like docking, tethering and repair (while tethered), also office rental. This also applies to engineering complexes.

(Calli Uta) #9

Thanks ,

that’s the info i was looking ,
when i finally have come to a point where i want a POS…and could afford one, they tak it out of the game, lol

(Ptraci) #10

Citadels/engineering complexes are cool. They are expensive to set up properly though. The base structure isn’t that much but the modules for defense are pricey and you need a lot of them, so it adds up. They’re a multi-billion investment - without thinking about service modules and rigs.

However compared to a POS they’re a vast improvement for the player. Gone are the days of multiple hangar arrays to store things and then having to worry about who gets access to what if you’re in a corp.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #11

To be clear. If i invest in engineering complex in hi-sec it’s hard to defend it for solo pilot?

(Tipa Riot) #12

Yes, no chance of defense if seriously attacked.

(Do Little) #13

If you invest in any structure in highsec that structure belongs to your corporation - not your character. You can create a 1 character corporation to own the structure and that character can be an Alpha - no skills are required except Corporation Management level 1. A Raitaru will fit in a T1 industrial so it can be anchored by an Alpha.

Defending a Raitaru in highsec is basically a waste of time. Keep it private so it doesn’t show up on the overview and keep a low profile so the corp that owns the structure doesn’t attract attention of highsec mercenary groups. Set your vulnerability timers mid week just before downtime - EUTZ is at work, USTZ is still sleeping. Don’t build it if you can’t afford to lose it.

You are a piece of straw in a very large haystack - it’s easy to remain invisible unless you draw attention to yourself. Raitaru are not attractive targets. It takes a lot of work to kill one and, with asset safety, there is little reward for doing so.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #14

Thx! This what I wanted to know :slight_smile:

(Ptraci) #15

Bear in mind that in high sec you must be war decced in order to be attacked. The war dec gives you 24 hrs to get your stuff ready. Used to be you could immediately take your POS down but now citadels and other structures have a 7 day timer - so there’s no way you can take it down before it gets attacked. However it can only be attacked during its vulnerability period.

Therefore if you want to be lazy and you log in every day - you don’t need to buy any defensive modules UNLESS you are war decced. IF you are war decced then you must buy and set up the defenses for your structure and you must be online in your structure to actively defend it. Citadels do not automatically defend themselves.

If not then offline and remove everything, take all your stuff out of the citadel, and kiss it goodbye writing off the 600M or whatever you paid for it.

(Stoney Entity) #16

Though I’d say that unless you’re anchoring in HS in a strategic area (like neighboring Jita), no one really cares to try to blow it up. There’s little point.

(Nunosh) #17

Continuing the same line of thought, is it doable to place a POCOs without being part of big corp ? imagine that I place one with reduced tax and open to everyone (not only I get lower tax to me and my alts’ corp but also I got some revenue from anyone that wants to take advantage of lower rates)

(Nyalnara) #18

To everybody having questions about citadels, take a look at this guide! Covers pretty much everything.

(Ptraci) #19

The problem with POCO’s is that pretty much all the decent planets already have a POCO which means first you have to take out the existing POCO. In high sec that means a war dec and unless the corp is completely inactive, you can expect them to defend their assets or attack the POCO you put where theirs used to be. It’s up to you to research to see if the corp seems inactive or not.

In low/nullsec it’s a lot easier - you just bash the POCO and if no one shows up for the timer (killing POCOs is a 2 step thing you might want to read up on that) it’s a safe bet no one cares about that planet anymore. Owning your own POCO is a big advantage because it means tax free PI. Making ISK from a POCO - meh - don’t count on being able to pay off your POCO let alone make money off of it. There are plenty of planets. Once in a while someone might use your planet but you won’t be able to retire on that income.

(bigsteve) #20

Only reason to use en PoS’s after the winter up date would be for system upgrades modules, ie jump bridges, beacons/jammers etc.
But then i reckon the CCP would be replacimg those in the future with Citadel replacements any way.