Abbandoned POS'es


Im thinking of moving into a C3 and found an abandoned POS. In fact I know it’s there since years and because it’s a POS noone really touched it so far.
Tried to contact the owners but probably are long gone.

I’m curious tough if I destroy the current POS and replace it with one of my own could I take over the leftover arrays?

No, you’d have to destroy them before the POS goes up or they are just there to stay.

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If you chop down the tree, you can scoop up the apples.

You can also just shoot down the apples without chopping the tree, and they might still have some edible bits when they fall down.

Removed a troll post.

What? Aw man, I missed it. TL;DR?

Never mind, I’ve been informed that it was just Aiko(s) being Aiko(s) again!

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I’ve read somewhere that once I destroy the POS I can scoop any arrays that are not damaged(incapacitated).
Does that still apply?

So Destiny already answered you, but it may be a bit unobvious given the metaphor used.

You can get more details from this thread, very old but AFAIK the mechanics didn’t change:

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yeah, it was kinda wrapped in riddles. :slight_smile:

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When the shield is down, mods anchored inside can be destroyed easily. But the tower needs to be destroyed to release the ‘ownership’ of all mods anchored to the tower, after which anyone can run around and individually un-anchor and scoop any mods which belonged to the tower. If mods don’t unanchor, check for Hull damage: this may need to be repaired.

I remember some old stories about instantly capturing anchored mods when a new tower was anchored on the exact location of the old, but, I wouldn’t count on space magic. One of the last balance passes on control towers decreased anchor timers for most mods to 5 seconds, so it’s less of a grind than in the really old days, to assemble or take down a POS setup.


There are a lot of pos’es around, i think ccp are missing an opportunity to make some interesting game play, from what i see there is no point in removing them, make them attractive to looters and give them some good drops.

I also hear some you cant war dec as owner is now in npc corp , fix that too and players will clean up your mess.


There is a point, my Dscan makes my eye twitch every time I fly through high sec. So many litter bugs not picking up their old POS after they are finished playing with them.


Maybe we should start a clean up, start with the main pipes,

It may help Dscan red eye

I had this problem too, so I started bashing them with my Friend. We wardecced the owner (if it was even possible) and started bashing them with Polarized Nightmares (and faction ammo). I think we used 4 chars to do that at the time? It took around 12 hours of bashing to destroy basic Large POS, and about 16 hours to destroy faction large POS.

Obviously we did that afk, because staring on “empty” screen where ship is shooting without player input considering it took over half a day to destroy is so much fun. Plus we made ourselves a target of gankers.

In the end we decided that we rather keep our computers off at night and during work, it is not worth it even for kilboard padding as POSes are quite a low value. There is no loot either. So good luck with that without some incentive and help from CCP.

Offline POSes needs to shrink HP significantly down. At least in highsec where we cannot use caps. Not needing to wardec owners would also help, I would consider bashing at least the lesser structures around POS with suspect flag. Those doesn’t take that long to destroy, just about 10 minutes solo with polarized Vindi lol.


Do you specifically need them on your d-scan? Because if not then you can alter your filters to not show them in the first place.

And then compare how long it takes to kill structures these days, i don’t understand if they can change structures why cant they reduced hit points on pos and add a loot drop, just that would add content

Reducing the resistance for hull/str would be enough.

You can afk kill them with an alpha in a anti pos fitted destroyer.

And you tried that? Large ones? How many alphas did you multibox for that to work and how many days did it take? :smiley:

It’s laughable, It truly is…

Despite what anyone say’s - POS was (and still is) in many cases the BEST structure in game… Simply because anyone new to EvE Online does not have a clue about them.

The Small POS was the ultimate Ninja tool for adjusting to meta changes - Simply unanchor (A) module, and go build (B) module instead…

I really do not see why industry for smaller players needed to be over-complicated…

For F*cks SAKE - I repeat - FFS - WHY does it take a bloody week to unanchor a Citadel when a small POS did it in 15 mins ???

In an hours gameplay, you could move a scout, recon and anchor a small POS in less than 30 mins…

No wonder there’s no industry anymore…

@CCP - Bring back the fun - Roll back some of the changes cause EvE Online is JUST PIXELS… We DO NOT WANT a week timer… We want to login and HAVE FUN… within AN HOUR…


Well said, we have been testing of late, popping them up and down as training if we even need one, good to know how much and how it works