POS structures

Are Control Towers still a viable option in this game?
I want to set up a Control Tower,
I want to reprocess my ore, compress my ore, and do BPO research without paying NPC Prices.
This sounds reasonable. . .
Also you can not compress ore in an NPC station. You need an Upwell = Player Owned Station to do this. compressed ore is worth more.
Well why don’t you set up an Raitaru, or an Athanor?
Because they are expensive as hell and easily war dec’d with no possible way for a solo player to effectively defend it. = spending money needlessly.
Well a Control Tower can be war dec’d as well !
Yes, however 150mil is a hell of a lot less to lose than 1.2bil to set up a Raitaru or an Anthanor.

Just a question from a new player, can we still use Control Towers in this game?


Well, yes, but without any industrial capacity (just to stage ships in an armed force field bubble pretty much).

This thread might go in a really good direction depending on whether you’re just asking that simple question, or are planning to complain about having to be exposed to additional risk in order to be able to increase your income. I’m not accusing you of anything just yet, and don’t know your intent, but I really hope it’s the latter because these forums have been boring as ■■■■ lately, and it would be nice to have a juicy whine thread. Please don’t disappoint?


They have advantages over structures because you can anchor them wherever you want and in just 30 minutes.

Indeed but have fun finding it if you just want to war assist someone. :joy: You can put it up in the bottom end of Khanid or something and no one will ever be able to find it.


" Well, yes, but without any industrial capacity (just to stage ships in an armed force field bubble pretty much"

This was all I needed
the rest of your post and from what I gathered in our last encounter explains all I need to know about you.
You have been weighed and measured.
have a good day


Sweet. Will there be consequences?

So what is the deal about CCP trying to phase these out?

Ongoing efforts.

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Seems to me it is a viable means to effectively conduct small scale operations without breaking the bank.
Why would they want to get rid of it?

Could be next year, next ten years (realistically considering that it’s been 5 years or so since they said they would setup a reimbursement program to compensate people that have these sticks and modules). Or it could be tomorrow if CCP decides to shoehorn something into the game without telling anyone, any testing and any thought on repercussions.

Old code, basically. Code they do not understand and that keeps breaking all sorts of things when they try to toy around with their tools. Small Structures were on the table for a while but just like the reimbursement and phasing out of POS, they have not come far yet for a variety of reasons.

I wouldn’t mind setting up an Anthanor but what the heck would I do with that big a$$ station, I’m just a solo corp. Small Tower , a few modules and I am good to go.
And if I do get war dec’d whp cares, I can recoup that money in a few hours .

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You are not supposed to do that. You are supposed to become part of a bigger group, work together with people, form relationships, socialize. Or just use the services provided by other people, at least if you stay in high sec. In low and null, it’s a completely different story. CCP hates people who do things on their own because they think that these people don’t contribute.


That’s the old CCP. PA/CCP only care about whales and micro-transactions. They’re fine with solo play and PVP in arenas.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Yes (reprocessing), yes (compression), no (BPO research).

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In reality, there is no such thing as playing alone, you interact with other people constantly in this game.
You buy things from people, you trade, you battle, you sell your items.

Ok so what is your issue about BPO research?

No issues but your research will yield nothing and you might even lose your BPO/BPC.

that’s interesting, how so?
clue me in on the details

I’ve put jobs in ammo/drones/frigates, lost all my minerals and my BPC.

Sorry man you are losing me, what do you mean, you used Control Towers with Industry mods and lost actual products or you lost BPO’s? or did you lose BPO’s trying to make BPC’s?