Industry in an NPC station, does it make sense?

Hello, I’ve been away since they added the structures to replace POSes and am trying to figure out how to restart my production.

I am in a solo corp based in a highsec NPC station however I see the structures (Raitaru?) provide notable bonuses.
Is it worth setting one up for 3 chars doing invention?
Should I find an existing “public” Raitaru and use that? How viable would that be and how often would i have to move because of wardecs or operation stoppages?

I am doing quite well out of an NPC station and I wonder if anyone else still bases out of those or is it just common practice to do everything out of these new player structures?

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You cannot just set up your own 1-man structure. CCP fixed that. There are huge packs of wild highsec jackals that feed on that sort of thing now.


Would you suggest hunting down a Raitaru that’s open to the public or just stay in the NPC station?
I would also consider joining an indy corp but not right now since my playtime is limited.

1 - No
2 - Sure, or a low cost NPC station
3 - Use BPCs and not BPOs. If something bad does happen, your BPOs will be safe


This really depends on you and what you do. If you are looking to build from those invented bpc’s then take advantage of a public structure with a low system cost index as that does help decrease the charges you receive from the station. Also, using a public structure might even give you the bonus that lets you build with 1% less material requirement needed for the bpc.

Another thing to take account of if you are indeed building to sell is making sure that you have broker relations and advanced broker relations maxed because the price modification charges are no joke. Also, they removed the 0.1 isk’n so you can only change the first 4 numbers of the price, it might be worth looking into if you plan to sell on the open market.

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If you start doing any serious industry, that is irrelevant. In a month you can put the index to 5.

Thanks everyone, especially @Adunh_Slavy. It seems like the days of single man corp adventures are over then. Thats fine i suppose its time i consider joining a larger corp/alliance.
Thank you all and fly safe o7

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You can do one man corp, for some things it has advantages … It’s a sandbox. You’ll have more fun on your adventures, with others.

My rule is : Less than a day large joib, do in a other people raitaru. ore than a day, do it in station. No fuel problems or destruction in this way.

For me, using a DST, freighter or industrial in a other people raitaru, hacve sense. Then i finish the less than a doy jobs and get i my DST/freighter or industrial.

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