Question about manufacturing

Returning player here. I really only do manufacturing on BP’s that I find or loot. How do I go about finding the best place to manufacture? I see now all these different structures which weren’t there when I played last. And they all have different rates, etc.

What should I look for? Is it simply down to finding the best tax rate?

Erm, no. It’s complicated. Also structures have owners … players … who can do or don’t do whatever they want.

In old times I used to set a filter for public structures 5 jumps from Jita, and simulated my print for best cost/time ratio, and talked to the owners of selected. In my roughly 3 years of super heavy production I had to switch only twice.

Nowadays I think serious public structures are rare or system index ruins the gains. So you may just end up in an NPC station as best option. If you are not lazy hauling your stuff around like me (though I was doing multiple freighter loads) you may find one with cheap system index far away from Jita/Amarr.

Small stuff I used to build in Mara, then Tama all the years until Snuff blew up the public Sotiyo. They placed a new one but I’m not trusting them with anything. They very likely will let it run out of fuel one day to make bank on the BPO drops.

You may figured the main point of cost from the text, it’s not tax, but system index. The more people manufacture in a system the more costly it becomes.

Final remark, CCP broke the simulation some time ago, not sure if they fixed it, but simulations don’t include rigs bonus from structures, sometimes it worked, but not always. Not relevant for NPC stations.

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