Returning structure manufacturer

Hello everyone,

I am returning to EVE and looking to get back into manufacturing structures full time. Just curious if this may be a viable career path for a solo (for now) player.

Take this scenario for example, if I owned all of the structure component BPOs and had them researched up and bought BPCs (for now) of the complete structures could I make a profit manufacturing in HS using other peoples EC?

I am also open to the idea of manufacturing T3 as I have plenty of skills and BPO for that as well.

Recruitment pitches welcome if anyone needs a T3 or structure manufacturer (any manufacturing is fine though).


If you can‘t figure out whether it‘s profitable yourself … hint: there are tools like

Most structures are selling at or below cost. There is a brief window when new structures are introduced when demand exceeds supply and - if you prepared by stockpiling materials, you can make a nice profit. Once supply exceeds demand it’s a race to the bottom. With Citadels and Engineering Complexes, we’re at the point where people are selling old unwanted structures for whatever they can get. With asset safety, there is little incentive to blow them up.

Small personal structures like Mobile Depots and MTU’s can still be quite profitable in the top half of their cycle, especially if you harvest some of the PI yourself.

T3 cruiser hulls look to be profitable at present - especially if you make the components yourself in a bonused facility. T3 destroyers are below cost once you factor in invention. - great for pilots but not for industrialists.

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Thank for your the reply! Great info.

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