Starting out manufacturing where to start?

Ok my manufacturing people I need advice on how to get started manufacturing. Like what to do first, how to find what brings in the money and such. Or just waiting and ME/TE all my BPO’s and then make copies so I can invent the T2 stuff. Thanks for any help.

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Depends on what you want to do.
If you want to build your own stuff, it’s very different than selling on a hub.

So first, I’d say get your own goal. However if you own goal is to be in competition with other people on the forum, I guess you should take the advices with a huge rock of salt. Few people appreciate to hand you a loaded gun knowing you gonna shoot them.

Most important part is : money comes from trading. Basically you trade items, BUT you have a knowledge of the added price so the purchase cost of items is lower than if you were actually placing BOs from them.

Second part is : the more researched a BPO, the better. There are few cases where it’s not that important, eg when doing invention, but still.

Third part is : the cost from items you produce comes from

  1. the cost of the required items : minerals, etc. Basically the price you bought them on market +fees. This is reduced by placing BO, reprocessing ore, mining yourself, etc.
  2. the installation of the jobs. So if you manufacture in perimeter, it will cost like3 times more than in another adjacent system… This is reduced by going in a station/structure with lower couple index+tax. typically a NPC station is 1.1×index, a structure is (1+tax*0.01)×index×rigs
  3. the time cost : if a job takes 10days, it should have a part costing 10times more than a job that takes 1 day. This is reduced by using better TE, and going in a structure.
  4. the bpo cost, including the research. Research cost should be linear with the time to research. The return on bpos should be in years, so a bpo being used for eg 4 years straight should have its value added to the job.
  5. The volume you need to move. Same, this should be linear with the volume of the items you purchased and the volume of the items you sell. In many cases, the volume of the items you sell is higher, so you can use only this one. This is reduced by getting closer to your hub.

If you ignore any of those costs then you are making industry at a loss.


To be clear: Anderson is calling ‘mining yourself’ cheaper because you avoid paying NPC market taxes/fees compared to buying the same volume of ore on the market. Your time still has value, and the mined ore still has value, so do not treat self-mined ore as a ‘free’ entry in your calculations.

Similarly, reprocessing yourself may be cheaper than buying equivalent minerals on the market, depending on several factors: your reprocessing skills; the reprocessing buffs of the structure used; and the fees owed to the structure owner for reprocessing (if any - for example, NPC structures charge a fee, and your standings with the owning corp reduces that fee).

Setting up your own structures to maximize reprocessing efficiency/minimize material use on manufacturing is a steep investment that also carries risks (and the best reprocessing rates cannot be achieved through structures anchored in high sec) - so if someone is shipping minerals in from low/null to your local market, they may have a better price point on a per-mineral-unit basis vs what you can achieve by self-refining depending on the above factors.

And hauling.

Mining things yourself means that the price of items is the price of not selling them, so = market value -tax - hauling cost ; while if you don’t mine yourself, their value is = market value + hauling cost. the difference in terms of value is twice the volumic + taxes. It’s just a way to get things less expensive, not free.

Of course that is assuming you already mine in the first place. If you don’t, you are not saving yourself anything.

It’s actually a suicide now. CCP burrowed that with the quantum patch.
You have a lot of risks/costs involved with structures, for a very low benefit. Unless you know very well what you are doing, you will be losing money.

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You could try T-2 ammo together with PI such as rocket fuel, guidance computers, robotics, BUT moon materials are going to eat heavily into profits at this time because of industry changes.

However sell in mission hubs and the surrounding systems and a reasonable markup above Jita because most runners don’t like running around to get ammo.

PI tier 3 products and implant building, good isk if you can find bpc’s on the cheap.

You can find some general tips here.

No, I’m not going to tell you exactly what to make and where to sell, as that will increase competition for the guys smart enough to figure it out on their own. What I will tell you, however, is that you can make money through T1 production, and that you don’t need structures, perfectly researched BPO’s, or 100million SP to do it. The only things required are your brain, and a desire to figure it out.

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Learn the game first. As you play, look at items and their profit potential. Most of what I build, I found in-game first and looked at the make/buy spread. The items I build have significant spreads and no, I’m not going to tell you what they are. Doing your own mining will help. The more mining the better. It lowers your cost tremendously but as someone above pointed out, it takes A LOT of time.

One thing you will find is an abundance of NO’s because it IS NOT profitable and people may be right it may not produce profits by way of isk but as an indy you will have something many others who don’t take the time to do, the ability to supply yourself with everything you need by being able to build whatever you want.

I often build something to trade it for something, no isk involved just a trade of something for something and it doesn’t have to be about “profits” but about obtaining things you want to have your fun.

If you simply want zeros behind your 1 then by all means spend an entire year face planted in the screen trying to get those zeros because it makes you feel better, but if you are just wanting to be able to get the toys you want while having fun use the isk and loot rewards to buy the stuff you need instead of flying from belt to belt ravaged by NPC’S and players only to lose your mining ships to players and NPC’S alike while finding crumbs.

You could join a null corp but then your frankly subject to the problems of others, constant NPC’S harrassment in belts, and spamming d scan and watching local instead of being able to work on planning out what you’re goal is while you get the things you need, then try getting those minerals and products out of null without the corporation help.

As an indy you could build anything you need cheaper or at cost, once you get to a point of getting a ship that can print that isk for you, you will have an easier time obtaining more and and more, bigger and bigger.

Kinda like this story Paperclip story

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Loved that story

Another advice would be not to be afraid with spreadsheets and the time you will spend building them and analyzing them.

A good industrialist in Eve often spend as much time in spreadsheets that in the game itself.

Just because something you build and sell with a good margin during week X could become unprofitable during week X+1 while other nice oppotunities rises on others products. That’s why you need to be able to build a lot of different things and have clues at any time of what is profitable or not.

Really difficult to maximise your profit if you build random stuffs without calculating costs.

But of course, it just depend if you want to produce things just for the fun of it or if you really wants to be serious with industry and make it a career in the game.

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