I started a manufacturing research character. Should I research 11 BPOs while my industry skills grow?

Excelsior Gokhan > I am starting a science/manufacturing character. While I research the skills, should I be researching 11 BPOs to ME/TE 10/20 while I grow my skills over the year? He has 25m sp.

I remember this really wealthy manufacturer tell me this. Had +10 boxes did a bunch of mining/trading.

He told me roughly, "Your manufacturing slots are like conveyor belts. You are supposed to keep ALL these belts running for max isk/hr. (End quote)

Always have research going on BPOs. Always! That is ISK value you are creating through savings and the worth of that BPO.

If you have things idling, it’s like the factory idling in real life. You lose money and opportunities to make money in the future. Markets shift prices go up prices go down. I seen things crash over a few weeks.


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