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Due to RL changes, I must put on hold my exploration carrer. I won’t have enough time and propablly may have to be afk for some time during gameplay. Industry is the last activity I didn’t try. I manufactured some bpc from exploration and tried PI but I want to focus on blueprints reaserch, copy and invention. Activity will be performed in HS. So few questions:

  1. I have 1 bil for start. Is it enough?
  2. Use HS station or HS EC?
  3. I want to focus on blueprints not manufacturing them, is it profitable that way?
  4. I want to use only one toon. Will it be enough? I don’t like messing with alts.
  5. My gameplay may be inregular, will it hurt catching up the market?

Invention is chance based. If your invention requires 4 datacores at 150K ISK each and has a 50% probability of success you need to include 1.2 million per successful invention in your cost - not everyone seems to realize this. I think a lot of prints on the market are people dumping old inventory for whatever they can get.

Part of my business is selling capital BPC kits. For a simple example, an Orca kit requires 8 blueprints costing roughly 12 billion ISK. It will take 6 months and a few hundred million ISK to research them to a competitive level - or you can pay a bit more for fully researched prints. It takes about 5 days to make each kit in a bonused facility and that kit currently sells for 70 million. The BPOs hold their value and can be resold so the kit proceeds are essentially “interest” on the original investment. I am currently making several kits, which requires multiple characters, generating a few billion/month in profit. My characters also do manufacturing and PI so the BPC kits are bonus income.

You need to use a bonused facility to be competitive - which means an Engineering Complex - preferably in a backwater system with a low cost index.

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I used to be able to search contracts for Orca Kit and come up with a hit (5 Years Ago) recent searches have proved moot.

How are you selling your kits?

  1. Sure, you could start with almost nothing and work with very cheap blueprints. However, in general the amount of isk invested will be proportional to the amount of isk returned.
  2. EC will usually be better, but the difference won’t be very big. Keep an eye on the cost indices and find a place that isn’t used very much (but ideally still close to a trade hub).
  3. Sure, research (ME/TE), copying and invention could each make you some money. Finding the right blueprint to work with is what will be the main challenge.
  4. More toons means more industry slots, which means more profit. But it’s not required to use more than one toon.
  5. Being away from the game means the market may move against you in your absence. However, there are plenty of fairly stable items in the market that can fill up your industry slots for a long time. Large ships and components, for example.

for example

cruiser BPO 80-85m
me research to 10 at yeti sotiyo in kamio 52 days/ 21m
te research to 20 at yeti sotiyo in kamio 52 days/ 21m

10/20 cruiser bpo on contract 150-190m

so 30-70m profit per bpo every 3 months

invention means no researching required but costs of decryptors and datacores must be included. max invention run is 30 days

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Search for Orca Blueprint copy in contracts. Multiple Item listings are mostly kits. Some people call them packs or sets. Prices will vary depending on ME/TE level and location.

  1. yes
  2. hs station
  3. manufacturing is the only step i make a profit on
  4. yes
  5. irregular will be an advantage
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If you developp your skills to have 10 research lines, it means a profit of 100-230m each month….

It’s great as a passive income for a pve/pvp toon but it is peanuts for an industrialist… A real industrialist could make way more money each month with those ten research lines.


A real industrialist could make way more money each month with those ten research lines.

I have 8 research lines and 9 manufacturing slots. I’ve made at least a few billion in the last 2 months mostly copying, inventing, then producing and selling the invented items.

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