Blueprint' making goods for NPC. Industry and NPC corporations/factions

Create a branch of industry and respective goods craftable with blueprints (from minerals or PI materials or salvage or all together) which NPC buyers will demand.

So there could be one more branch of activity for industrialists - making goods for NPC buyers. Just like mission runners get money from NPC agents - industrialists could have same volume income but from NPC buyers.

Endless (infinity) demand of such an NPC buyers is very important here.
Big variety of goods and it’s kinds is also important.

Why? We have a well functioning player market. The money you can make of manufacturing is by far the most ISK per effort in EvE beside trade (which is kind of part of it). We don’t need another ISK faucet in EvE.

This defeats the purpose of having a real working economy in a sandbox.

Npc orders would ignore any real market forces.


but yet they do exist, just not ones that can be made by players than sold which would become a huge mineral sink

this used to be a feature , and was removed . if you look back through patch notes , you can see why ccp made this decision . do you believe they were wrong to do so ?

So you want an easily bottable activity that can generate near infinity isk with little to no risk? Why? Seema game breaking to me.

@Lady_Ayeipsia industry is already bottable. Its why it makes hardly no profit from pretty much all of the bpos. Its not even worth it to make ammo hardly. I mean it makes sense in order to have atleast a minimal profit from bpos. Considering that you need to upgrade blueprints to 10/10 just to make a few hundred thousand isk per 3 hours is not worth doing industry. Sure it would provide limitless isk, but wait t1 missions that take maybe 15-30 minutes already make more around 75k each. And considering that missions are already limitless isk. Just needs to be decently fleshed out before being implemeted such as what the npcs would buy and at what prices. I mean they already sell the bpos why would they sell them other than to get players to produce it. I would not recommend this for higher than say cruiser or such bps and definitely not t2/t3/faction blueprints. But seriously producing things is not worth it at the moment with the amount already made by others.

just means you need to get better at industry then. it is a mostly passive income stream and doesn’t even strictly require you to undock (you can get minerals delivered for you) also unlike ratting its something that you can run 24/7 on as many characters as you have. even with just one acct, you can have 33 manufacturing lines, 33 R&D lines, and 33 reaction lines running 24/7.

lets use your example here and your numbers. so your industry character makes a “few” hundred k per 3 hrs, lets call it 300k or about 100k/hr. this theoretical ratter makes 75k every… lets be generous and say 20 minutes.
so thats 225k/hr. obvious win for lvl 1 missions right?

now lets take it to the per day, even assuming that this is some nolifer who can spend 10hrs per day running lvl 1’s. thats only 2.5mil/day. meanwhile our industrialist can keep his lines running 24/7. if he only runs 1 character on his acct thats 100k/hr * 11 = 1.1m/hr * 24 = 26.4m/day. all that while still being able to go rat/mine/jerk off do whatever else they want to supplement that income.

hardly seems imbalanced to me that you can earn (conservatively) 10 times more than someone ocd running lvl 1 missions for next to zero effort.

Industry already runs “offline”, so classic botting is pointless. To make a profit you need to research the market for good items to build. Hint, ships and ammo will not make you rich. Other stuff will, and you can stay in highsec. At the moment I’m doing only T1 stuff, each item with 50-100% profit margin.


you can net 40M in 20min with moas… ammo is pretty much the worst. its the highest return % but its on such a low base value that you need a crap tone of accounts to make it worth while

The general rule of thumb is the bigger the item the lower the margin. But because bigger items build relatively quickly they can get you the best isk/hour provided you have the materials income to maintain production.

So what’s the biggest thing you can build sustainably? And of course it has to sell as fast as you can build it. It’s easy to make more ammo than will sell (a lot of people make their own).

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but it’s how i approach it.

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