Blueprint Copies

I got a good priced BPO for Animatter Charges, researched it five times for time and material, and I gave it ten runs for 1000 rounds total per copy but couldn’t sell it on the market.
I could swear I read you can sell BPC’s but can’t seem to figure out how, or I’m doing it wrong.
Any ideas or help would be great.

You can only sell BPC’s through contracts. Not through the market.


So I basically have to look for someone that wants to buy at at certain price

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You can make a public contract that people can see and search for.

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Antimatter BPC’s are used in the invention process to make blueprints for T2 Void ammunition so there is a market but the BPOs are inexpensive and most people will simply buy an original and make their own copies.

Copying blueprints can be profitable when the original is expensive and/or takes a long time to research. I sell BPC kits for capital ships which are very profitable but the initial investment in time and ISK was high.


You should really research before comitting to buy.

Antimatter charges are a dime a dozen, and you wont sell those bpcs for a while, even at very low prices.


Can confirm, I still have 50 fully researched antimatter BPC’s sitting around from like, 2 years ago that I could never sell.

I guess it’s good that I have been doing more research than copying.

What the others said is right, only unused BPO’s can be resold on the market. Used BPO’s and BPC’s can only be sold on contracts.

If you are just starting out and looking to sell copies for some extra isk I recommend to try to invest in the other ammo types, research them to max level and then make ammo packs out of them. From my experience, packs of these cheaper blueprints will sell better than selling copies of just one ammo type.

While it’s still a slow sell since they’re very cheap bpos to begin with and a lot of people tend to just buy these BPO’s and research themselves, but you can still have better luck with copy packs if you want to go that route.

Hope this helps and best of luck! :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting idea, especially since I already have a few others being researched.
Blueprints seemed like it would be easy just because it’s always happening while doing something else.
Thankss for the idea.

You’ve got a reasonable idea there - though even with fully researched Blueprints you’ll not be making a fortune.
A buyer is looking for a profit (or at least a way of making something he needs at less cost than buying it on the market - which is the same thing really). So, the cost of material, plus the cost of the blueprint has to be less than the market value of the item.
You probably know all this
You’ll be splitting the production profit with the buyers. And as they are the buyer, the split is what they are willing to pay.

The fundamental problem is that the margins on T1 production (the basic minerals into items manufacturing) have relatively low profitability. And you are hoping someone will split the low profits from their efforts with you - when their alterative is to buy a cheap BPO, research it and use it themselves. That EMP S BPO costs 100,000 (for an established player that’s peanuts). I can research it to ME10 in a couple of days or so. Why would I look for ME5 copies on the market?
And at the moment, EMP S on the Amarr market (my local) is 17 ISK each - there’s no profit there even with a fully researched BPO.

But you’ve got the right approach - look for an opportunity and try and make some money on it. Just that in this case you’ve burnt your fingers. The EMP S market will swing back your way sometime and then you can use the copies to make items yourself to sell at a profit.
It could be worse - I’m sitting on an ME10 Omen BPO that can’t currently make a profit. It might come back my way sometime. Hopefully.

As a help, have a look at
It’ll give you a view of the manufacturing profitability of a blueprint and enable to select ones of good value to you.

You can make a profit in T1 - that’s where I started. But you’ll be up against higher skilled well organized players. On the upside, if they are high skill and well organized they’ll not be doing T1 manufacturing - there are more profitable bits of business - leaving a niche for you.

So if you’ve prepared some contracts, fly to Dodixie and advert in local. That’s how I got BPCs for many T1 ships as a new player (I’ve built most of my Vexors, Thoraxes and Algoses myself, even my Dominix, but that was hard work mining…), and I would have loved such a bundle, too.

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