Free Blueprint Copy Service (You can get free copies from our library, for free)

The Black Widow Company. is now offering a free BPC service.
You can request (researched) copies of every BPO in our possession.
Please join the ingame chat channel “TBWC. BPC Giveaway” and “TBWC. BPC List” to get more details!
Or write a eve mail to Gordon11112.

The library is growing and BPO get researched constantly.


i’d like all the copies of your keepstars and titans that you have

These are currently out of stock.
We will get back to you when they are in stock again.
Thank you for your interest in our service.
Have a nice day.

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what is TBWC? is it chat channel

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Yes it is.
I need to rephrase all that. If you look for the corp TBWC. you will find all information in corp description.

Edit: I edited the first post.

do you do orca packs with the parts too? If so I would be very interested

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Unfortunately we dont have the Orca BPO yet.

You can check here to see available BPO.

*old links removed.

Nice collection, I am currently in high production myself especially for the more obscure bpo’s that I find are just not popular for whatever reason, guess the method of my madness is using mods not commonly used while not “boss” mods I find them good AND cheap.

My mission or goal is to have a Extra large collection of T-2 BPC’ and I have a container loaded with T-1 mods ready to go if I don’t already have the T-2 mod.

I find it irritating to look for BPC’s that don’t exist because it’s deemed worthless by most players, or find it and it only has a few runs but cost about as much or more then the BPO.

Collection now contains all destroyer BPO and a couple of cruiser bpo. They are in research now.
Next up will be large common rigs, hybrid ammo types and lenses.

We also have delivered to costumers. If you want BPO copied please keep in mind that this process takes at least a day. If you have multiple request even longer. Thank you,

my collection:

Library got updated.

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