[SERVICE} Blueprint Copying Service

Hi All

I am building a BPO library to sell copies from. The link below will show you all the BPOs that I can currently copy from, there ME/TE value and the price for a single max run BPC. I would be happy to deliver BPCs to most continuous high sec stations at 150k ISK per jump from my base (in Khanid region).

Nearest trade hub to me in Amarr and would be willing to contract them to you from there for no extra charge. If interested please mail me in game or reply to this post. Bare in mind that this character is an alt and it may take a day or two to get back to you. If you contact me ingame then just drop a note here to say you have done so, ill be able to get back to you sooner that way.

I will be expanding the number of BPOs in the future, and am happy to discuss potential future requirements with people.

Currently researching the following BPOs which the copies will be available soon to invent T2 ammo from.

Anitmatter S, M, L - For Void
Thorium S, M , L - For Null
Iridium S, M, L - for Javelin
Plutonium S, M, L - For Spike

See OP for link and info.

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