[ARLAB Shop] BPCs and BPOs Shop

Simply get BPCs you need with the run you need and BPOs you need with research levels you need!
Why should you pay for extra copy run or extra research levels when you can order the ones you need?

Whether you just need 1 run BPCs for invention or a full run copy for production, you can use the ARLAB Shop.


BPCs & BPOs will be contracted in Amarr

Join “ARLAB Public” in game channel for more info

Old forum thread (over 200k BPC contracted)

Discord Server

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Some example:

Condor BPC:
1 run: 21389 isk
Max run: 641670 isk

Veldspar Mining Crystal I BPC
1 run: 917 isk
Max run: 550200 isk

Capital Drone Bay BPC
1 run: 130370 isk
Max run: 5214800 isk

Ask for a quote now!

First copies already sold, order yours today!
3070 BPCs in stock for a fast delivery

New BPCs in stock.

Jaspet Mining Crystal I Blueprint (10/20)
BPC 1 Run 917 ISK
BPC Max Run (600) 550200 ISK

Crucifier Blueprint (10/20)
BPC 1 Run 21389 ISK
BPC Max Run (30) 641670 ISK

Expanded Cargohold I Blueprint (10/20)
BPC 1 Run 2750 ISK
BPC Max Run (200) 550000 ISK

Stock updated, 3571 BPCs available!

Prophecy Blueprint 10/20
BPC 1 Run 122222 ISK
BPC Max Run (10) 1222220 ISK

Research and copy slots avialable :sunglasses:

Some new BPO available for copy, check our shop :+1:

Don’t waste you ISK on public contracts…

Max Run Tornado BPC:
Public Contract: 4000000 ISK
ARLAB Shop: 1222220 ISK

Max Run Dominix BPC:
Public Contract: 4750000 ISK
ARLAB Shop: 1833330 ISK

Max Run Scorpion BPC:
Public Contract: 5000000 ISK
ARLAB Shop: 1833330 ISK

You can save lot of ISK with no RISK! :rofl:

Research and copy slots available…

Order you researched BPO:

Dragonfly BPO Full Researched: 399,158,382
Apocalypse BPO Full Researched: 2,276,042,725
Hammerhead BPO Full Researched: 11,589,753

Offer of the day:

70 Ogre I BPC (1500 Runs) - ME 10 TE 20 - 325 Millions

do you have revenant bpc?

No, none in stock sorry

Added some T2 BPCs

3570 BPCs in Stock ready for a fast delivery :sunglasses:

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Open for business :sunglasses:

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Last research and copy slots available, place your order …

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