WTS Capital Component BPCs

Selling the below BPCs.

Note that all prices are per run and each BPC is 25-run 10/20.

Please order in 25-run splits.

Will give 10% discount for orders over 3bil and 15% discount if you take all the BPCs (10.35bil for entire set).

Runs Cost Per Run Blueprint
3,000 100,000 isk Capital Armor Plates Blueprint
3,300 100,000 isk Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint
3,475 75,000 isk Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint
900 500,000 isk Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint
3,050 200,000 isk Capital Computer System Blueprint
3,125 100,000 isk Capital Construction Parts Blueprint
6,100 300,000 isk Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint
1,050 1,000,000 isk Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint
8,150 150,000 isk Capital Drone Bay Blueprint
1,000 1,000,000 isk Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint
6,125 200,000 isk Capital Jump Drive Blueprint
isk Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint
2,825 200,000 isk Capital Power Generator Blueprint
2,625 75,000 isk Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint
3,125 125,000 isk Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint
2,575 125,000 isk Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint
6,050 300,000 isk Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint
1,400 125,000 isk Capital Siege Array Blueprint
825 150,000 isk Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint

Up to the top

I’ll take all but the clone vat, jump bridge & doomsday.

Please contract to this character. Thanks