WTS Cap Part BPCs

Selling a tonne of Cap Part BPCs, every BPC is 25 run which is exactly 1day build time in a rigged Sotiyo.

Please request BPCs using number of runs (must be a multiple of 25).

Happy to give 10% discount for orders over 3bil and will sell all to one buyer for a 15% discount (total will be 9.8bil)

Runs Cost Per Run Blueprint
2,900 100,000 isk Capital Armor Plates Blueprint
3,025 100,000 isk Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint
3,700 75,000 isk Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint
2,550 300,000 isk Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint
2,825 100,000 isk Capital Computer System Blueprint
450 75,000 isk Capital Construction Parts Blueprint
6,775 200,000 isk Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint
1,325 250,000 isk Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint
9,425 150,000 isk Capital Drone Bay Blueprint
1,325 700,000 isk Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint
6,750 200,000 isk Capital Jump Drive Blueprint
2,975 200,000 isk Capital Power Generator Blueprint
3,125 75,000 isk Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint
2,925 125,000 isk Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint
2,275 150,000 isk Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint
6,225 300,000 isk Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint
675 200,000 isk Capital Siege Array Blueprint
1,000 200,000 isk Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint
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Still available

Still available

Updated availability

Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint100
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint
contract to : Haleuth.

Please send a message to Haleuth so I dont need to search for this thread againa and again.

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