[SOLVED] What has happened to blueprint copies market?

edit: case solved
it was the setting of what type of an item to search. I changed it to search all and now I can see all the BPCs.

There used to be so many different blueprint copies, I mean battlecruiser and battleship BPCs.
They were really saving isk because what’s the point of a 600mil BPO and researching it by myself when I can get a 10/20 BPC for even under a million. I have never even made 600 of the same ship.
My interests went elsewhere for some time but I check it lately every now and then and the market is dead? For every larger ship it appears?
Do I have some sort of error? My search settings appear to be correct, I even widened the search to low and nullsec.

Some people even used to say in the past they make more with selling BPCs than actual ships.

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I would hazzard a guess that you are witnessing the effects of scarcity within eve, brought to you by CCP.


Can you search completed public contracts for the BPCs you’re looking for? Then maybe reach out to that character telling them what you’re looking for?

Because nobody is really building large ships and many industry players have been driven away by CCP’s nerfs to resources and ship building.

You cannot see or search for completed contracts.

OP - If you are in a industry corp, do they not have their own library?

I feel your pain.

I have a BPC that just a year ago was selling in contracts for anywhere from 600mil to 1bil. Now best I could get is 250mil or so. :persevere:

So I’m sitting on it, waiting and hoping for a market change in the fall.

OK nevermind, it was the setting of what type to search. I changed it all and now I can see all the BPCs.

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