Pricing blueprints I have found

So I have found several blueprints from relic/data sites. Most I can’t find comparables anywhere. I don’t want to give them away and I don’t want to destroy them. How do I figure out a fair price for them?

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Congratulations on the find, @Oshtkosh_B_Gosh!

Have you tried looking at how similar blueprints are priced on contracts, instead of the market?

(Remember that you’re looking at prices of open contracts that DIDN’T trade, so they’re probably a bit more aggressive than prices that did actually trade)


Unfortunately, you will find many of the blueprints will be worth nothing. If you don’t find anything via contracts, you can download the IPH (isk per hour) 3rd party app and look at whether it’s profitable to manufacture the BPC.

You can also check the market for the manufactured item – don’t believe the profit for any item that only sells a handful a month.

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