How do I evaluate and sell 18,450 blueprints?

How much are 18,450 blueprints? And how to sell them all at once. The contract does not fit more than 2000 items. Also, how can you avoid a high percentage of sales? A standard broker in a 4-4 life may require a billion.
list of bps

Are them researched?

Open the file most of them are researched

All researched. T1 - max ME/TE/Runs T2 ME 3-4-5, TE -5-10, Runs 1-11

Well first of all y must separate the researched from non researched into 2 diff packs. Then the non researched can be placed into containers and being evepraisal. The researched ones will need a lot of work, as you would need to check how each of them sells in jita contracts. I would separate all the same bps like “all large shield extender” and check its price and so on. make a sheet on each one price so it makes it easier if a buyer selects specific ones and not all the stuff

There are 2 or 3 non researched blueprints that fell by accident. I will not look for them among 14+ thousand drawings, sorry.

Yes, a lot of work is just not what you expect from a computer in the 21st century. I have not been able to set up the jeveassets programm calculate all contract prices, but I hope that someone can and will teach me.

maybe you can find a way to import all contracts from jita to a sheet and then try to work with filters and/or formulas .

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