SOLD, please close

All located in jita 4-4

Number in bottom right is runs remaining, if no number, 1 run
Numbers on top represent ME/TE, otherwise 0/0

Price: 1.75b for everything pictured

What it would cost you to buy just some of these blueprints in/near jita:
Yachts, 215m each (7 pictured)
Rhea 150m
Concord capital shield boosters, 200m/run (4 runs pictured)
Hyasoda labs 25m/run (5 pictured)
Diplomatic shuttles 30m (10 pictured)
Contract value of that stuff alone, ignoring the rest: 2.88B

I’ll take them all for 1.75b as stipulated in your post.

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Contract up, thank you

Will accept once I’m in game in a few. Thank you

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