WTS Capital Parts BPOs [SOLD]

All are fully reserached 10 ME | 20 TE, except Capital Ship Maintenance Bay which is missing TE

Located in jita.

NPC Price is 22 B
Buyout Price : 30 B

Buyout is lesser than 40% above NPC Price

Please bid here. Thanks.

Still up for sale.
Have a few in-game offers.
Want to sell as soon as possible, so could sell lesser than 30 B.
Bid away.

25 offer

Have 3 offers at 25 B and one at 26 B. Looking for a bit more.

ill offer 26 in case your other 26 backs out.

Currently contracted to a 26.5 offer. They have yet to accept but I know they would accept as I had previous exchanges with them.