WTS BPO/BPC Collection

Can part out will entertain offers on any or all.

Capital BPOs (parts are all 10/20, hulls are all 8/9ME)

Subcap BPOs (all are 10/20)

Drones and Misc BPOs (all are 10/20)

Would you do 30B for everything? Eve mail me if I’m close to what you’d sell it all for. I’m very interested in all of it.

Edit: I sent an Evemail as well.

Would be a bit light for me the current lowest price for each of the capital BPO can is listed below (41.26b total) so even if I take 25% off thats above 30B and thats just the first can.

|Revelation Blueprint|3.5|
|Phoenix Blueprint|3.5|
|Orca Blueprint|1.4|
|Ninazu Blueprint|3.5|
|Lif Blueprint|1.89|
|Chimera Blueprint|2.0|
|Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint|2.54|
|Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint|1.96|
|Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint|1.8|
|Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint|1.88|
|Capital Power Generator Blueprint|2.04|
|Capital Jump Drive Blueprint|2.49|
|Capital Drone Bay Blueprint|1.05|
|Capital Drone Bay Blueprint|1.05|
|Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint|2.50|
|Capital Construction Parts Blueprint|1.43|
|Capital Computer System Blueprint|1.84|
|Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint|1.25|
|Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint|1.72|
|Capital Armor Plates Blueprint|1.92|

bump for the day

What would you have to get for all BPOs minus the Cap Ships? I’d want all the parts, sub caps and others. And the Orca actually.

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