Alpha building Blue Prints

Hi and thanks for any help in advance
Can an alpha buy and build items to sell that are locked for use by an alpha pilot.
Example mining drones would be locked for alpha use. But I assume if one could find a blue print. An alpha could build mining drones and sell them. Or are alphas locked from building items they can not use
Thanks again for any insight

Your ability to build and sell stuff will be limited by skills, not clone state. Mining drones only need Industry 1 so you can build them even though you can’t use them.

CCP have imposed serious restrictions on the ability of Alpha clones to impact the game economy - mostly to discourage abuse by veteran players and bots - so you get a taste of industry but it really isn’t a viable career for Alphas.

Also there is big difference between ability to build and make profit. You get extra 2 or even 4% tax just by submitting industry job as alpha. With also limited trading skills you will lose even more on market tax. Add to that every noob that thinks ore and minerals he mine have no value. Even if you buy 10/20 BPO you probable will be only losing isk.

You will be restricted to a single science job. This will impact research or copy of Blueprint Originals.

If I can suggest, whilst you are restricted for missions, level 3 can still turn a reasonable amount of returns. So you focus on manufacturing standard munitions, then converting into Faction ammo from the Loyalty Points. The secret is to sell the Faction ammo in an alternative faction. You will need to be careful with your Faction Standings. Although missioning for Caldari (accessing both faction missiles and hybrid) and then selling in Amarr space might be manageable, as an example. Please do some research for yourself about prices and volume of sales.

Thanks all
That is some great help.
As most have pointed out yes I am just in a research phase at the moment. I am just looking to pick up one or two BPO mainly to be able to dabble in manufacturing. Just didn’t want to get stuck with a useless print where the only option was to sell the print after not being able to build anything.
Thanks again. I am currently looking at equipment that all alpha pilots should be able to run. In order to maximize my customer base. At least for my first blue print


the BPO or BPC will show you what skills are needed to build the item. You can click the Info button after you have searched the BPO on the market.

For T1 stuff you will probably be fine with alpha skills… Just not on a large scale. If you just want to try it I’ll gladly contract you a leftover 10/20 BPC or ten…

If you want that, send me an ingame mail in what general area you want the contract and I’ll see what I have and contract it to you when Bob graces us with a convenient static for that area…


I researched and built a few things on my alpha toons just to see how far I can get with it. I LOST ISK when I did it near the bigger hubs or busy mission hotspots, because there was too much competition. However, I did OK when I moved to lesser-frequented places like HS systems near faction war areas.

Put some buy-orders for common HS ore/compressed ore/minerals up. Haul what can’t be sourced locally from the next hub in a Kyros. Build whatever T1 stuff has no sell-orders for at least 5+jumps but has an at least a moderate turnover. How to tell what to build? Well, either you know from experience what other players need for their playstyle like what guns/ammo/drones/modules are used a lot or you check the hubs. If you find some T1 stuff that is sold a lot at hubs but isn’t listed where you want to sell it may be worth a shot. There will always be try and error. But be careful to check for meta-modules also as you won’t sell T1 100nm afterburners when the enduring one is listed cheap.

Make the markup fair but not too high. I noticed a strange behavior: No one cares when an item isn’t listed at all, but sell it at 400% jita price and someone else will list it a few days later. Maybe because “not listed” does not trigger the spreadsheets like “is sold with high markup”. I sold at 200% jita most of the time and completion was low. You may need a few extra alphas for more sell-orders but the good thing is you only need to check them once in a couple of weeks. If you build stuff that won’t sell at all at your location reprocess it or haul it to a hub and sell at a loss.

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check BPO before you buy

i bought several blueprints i cant use, some of them require omega skills

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