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I just started this game a day ago. I finished the 5 agent missions. Someone in chat recommended I start researching blueprints for stuff I use and sell the surplus. Any suggestions for choosing some of the first blueprints to start with?

Look on the market for those rigs and modules that sell well, then look in the contracts if there’s a lot of competition on the related BPOs.

Firstly, that “making small stuff for personal use and sell excess on the market” is a good bit of advice - for some items it is more cost effective (in the long run) than just buying what you need, and the additional income from excess items is nice (it’s not going to make instant riches) and it gives you a chance to see if the industrial and supply side of life in New Eden really floats your boat.

You are Gallente (well, we can’t help that) so you will be interested in whores, drugs and godless hedonism drones and hybrid ammunition as consumables, with a focus on armour and hybrid weapons as modules and other bits and pieces. What sells where and how can be quite localised depending on ship preferences, the number of mission runners (who prefer certain weapon types) and a thousand and one different things.

So, the process you should know from the Career Agents you’ve run: get a Blueprint - probably the easiest solution is to buy one (such as a Hobgoblin I Blueprint for 250,000 ISK on the market - yep, capital is needed!) and then research it to improve its ME - Manufacturing Efficiency - ideally to 10. That is a 10% reduction in the materials needed to make an item.
Then source the material - mine if you wish, or buy on the market. Buy either directly from sell orders, or put a “buy” order up yourself. A buy order is of the form “I want this much of this item, and I’m willing to pay x ISK per item for it”. You are better off doing the buying and selling at a busier station where lots of people trade. If you are in Gallente space then Dodixie is a good bet.
Then do the manufacturing job in the Industrial Window.

Tips: check the market and the profitability first: some items don’t make a profit - people mining and making without thinking of profit and time is the general reason. Economics isn’t studied by everyone. is your friend here for assessing the profitability.
Watch out for over production - yes, making 100 drones may give you a 50k ISK profit, making 10,000 drones will cost a fortune, take an eternity to sell and leave a depressed market. Feed the market, don’t drown it and it’ll give you better returns.

Yes, you can make a steady income from T1 manufacturing (the basic minerals to items stuff), but you have to keep a close eye on profitability. If you like industrial work (I do) then it’ll bootstrap you into T2 and other areas of manufacturing quite nicely.

Thank you very much for the advice.

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