Where to do industry

Hello everyone !
I am starting to do industry. I have starting capital with skills and omega status, all I need is place to do it. Could anyone share a website or application to search for somewhere to do it.

Use the in game structure finder.
Under utilities in the neocom.

I’m not aware of any external tools that scrapes structure services.

Reach out on discord MoonMoon#3699 I have a feeling you’ll have more follow up questions. :grin:

Industry covers a lot of territory. There are players who work in Jita - they buy material from the Jita market; manufacture in station and then sell their products on the Jita market. Taxes and system cost index are extreme, but convenience is unrivaled. It’s a high volume, low margin business model but presumably profitable, or people wouldn’t be doing it. At the other extreme, there are lots of systems where you can work with very low system cost index and low taxes, but you’ll need to do a lot of hauling to bring raw materials to the facility you’re working in and then take finished goods to market.

I like to work in smaller markets - volumes are lower but margins higher - it’s a personal choice.

If you’re just starting in industry you need to decide what to build that doesn’t require a lot of skill and can generate a decent profit. T1 rigs are a good choice - you’ll need to study the market since some are a lot more profitable than others and this will vary from region to region. I made a lot of ISK starting out by running missions, using the LP to purchase faction blueprints, then building and selling the faction modules on the market. Again, you’ll need to do your research to figure out which ones work best.

Also bear in mind that Eve is a commodity market and commodity markets are cyclical. You need to study the cycles for the products you want to sell in the markets where you want to do business. You want to position your products in the top half of the cycle and then let the market come to you - chasing the market down is an excellent way to go broke.

If this sounds like a lot of work - it is - you’re running a business. There are a lot of choices; for example, do you purchase or harvest your minerals and PI? Trading time for ISK. If you enjoy that kind of stuff, it’s a lot of fun and not much different from running a real-life business - except you’re more likely to get shot at in Eve!

Good luck.


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