New to industry

HI Guys.

Apologies if this has been answered before.

I have completed the Making mountain out of molehills and The balancing the books arc’s.

My question is, Where do I go next?


Have you checked out CCP’s Eve Academy? What interests you, doesn’t interest you?

(“Industry” is so broad that if you get replies from 3 different people on the forums you’ll come out with about 7 different ideas.)

Industry covers the whole “making stuff” within Eve - and given almost all things, especially at the more advanced component/ship level, are player made it will be a big subject.

Since I suspect you are a new player - having just done the basic tutorial stuff - then initially there will be limitations on what you can do, and Alphas are generally more limited than Omega. @Io_Koval’s suggestion to look at Academy is a good one to give you a view of the entire scope.

I’m a T2 manufacturer, I make things such as “Mining Laser Upgrade II” rather than the T1 basic modules, but I started with the basic stuff and bootstrapped myself up. Some of the more complex manufacturing requires you to work within a group to be effective.

To get a flavour, start with something such as ammunition or drones - basic “everyone uses and consumes them” stuff with a demand. I know Jita has high turnovers, but I started at Hek and now operate around Amarr - Hek was a little small for the scale I could operate at. Amarr is a nice market - busy enough but not to aggressively busy. Generally lower turnover, better margins, bit more volatile.

You’ll also learn a lot about economics and running a small business. That’s what I find interesting.

Hi Orville,

If you’ve recently completed the career agent missions a solid next step would be to start the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc. Search for the agent ‘Sister Alitura’ in the system of ‘Arnon’ to get started. This Epic Arc is a combat-focused string of missions that may take you a couple of nights to complete as you’re a new player, but it will help you learn about the game, each mission will give you isk, you should be able to progress from a frigate into your first cruiser by the time you’re done the Arc and there is also a nice standings boost to the faction of your choosing at the end. Standings are important in Eve and while you may not be very interested in pursuing a combat-focused career after finishing this Arc, it is something almost every player does (repeatedly) throughout their career to boost their standings and it is one of the first things I encourage all of my new corporation members to do regardless of what type of activity they choose to pursue in the long run.

My next suggestion (something you can do while you’re running the arc) is to look into a good industrial player corporation. Don’t rush it. Often, very large corporations treat their members as numbers and don’t really care to help you learn the game. On the other hand, very small corporations tend to be under-equipped to provide the facilities and content that a real industrialist needs. I would suggest looking for a medium-sized corporation between 20 and 100 active players, preferably in an alliance, who are willing to take you under their wing. Look for a corp that can benefit from your interests and efforts and where you can see your efforts making a visible difference.

On that note, I invite you to look into my corporation - Hardcore Hauling of White Alliance, and will be following up with you to discuss an employment opportunity.

Welcome to Eve, best of luck with your search and I hope to speak with you in a bit more detail soon.


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